Let us introduce ourselves

Let us introduce ourselves

Posted by Eric Cowdrey on Mar 4th 2020


I wanted to pop onto the blog and thank you for being here today and to give you an idea as to who we are. This is us... a quick snap in the rain visiting family during Thanksgiving.

We are a husband and wife team, I'm Krystle and the Beard is Eric. I primarily run our emails and create product and constantly research all things skin and products as well as formulate our products. I am craft obsessed during my free time and Eric loves all the woodworking projects I give him to help me with. Eric comes up with the ideas and challenges me to make new products. He and I share the rest of the duties here at Raw American. He enjoys hunting, going to the range, and playing video games with our son. We have 2 kiddos, B our 10 year old son; B is into flag football, baseball and video games. If you are a parent of a 10 year old you can probably relate to Fortnite with us, am I right. Then we have P our daughter, she is freshly 2 years old, our wild adventure. We can usually be found on a field somewhere with B watching him play football or baseball, P even cheers him on.

We run our business as a family affair and not just from those within our household. We have family all over the country, so when they visit they jump right into work with us and we wouldn't want it any other way. Are you close to your family as we are with ours?

All this talk about family makes me chuckle thinking back to 2015. Just birthed Beard Bundle ( more into this in a second ), our son was just little and he would love to fold boxes and place stickers on the packages then walk them to the mailbox. He was so proud to be a part of every aspect possible. Today he is wanting to get his hands dirty and learn ratios and mixtures - (Does this count as helping with math? - Yes, it does!) Then we have our 2 year old who well, she likes to rip up the paper filling or color on it. Don't worry you won't get this paper, haha.

Back to Beard Bundle, some of you may remember but for our new friends; this was a Subscription Beard Box. Raw American all began with this idea we had to gain samples from other crafted grooming companies that we would hunt out for and offer a variety of small products for one to try. How did we get to Raw American? We always had our own line but never offered it in boxes until someone bought it and loved it, then the word spread then became what it is today. You see, Raw American is unique we have formulated and handcrafted our Flagship Beard Oil to be quick-absorbing and offer the feeling of a bit of a dry oil, all the moisturizing nutrients without the weight. Living in the southern heat the summers are no joke and Eric didn't want the oils sitting on the beard. When it came to formulating the Signature Beard Balm Remedy, Eric really wanted the balm to melt when warmed making it almost oil like but with some taming properties.

We don't just run our business as a family, we like to think you are family as well. If you've ever ordered from us you know we like to leave a handwritten note with each order. Why? We value and are thankful for you and honestly care about you. Leave us a note when you order, pop into messager on facebook tell us about yourself. We want to know... Do you have kids and in the thick of it with us? You know it really takes the village as they say. How do you spend your free time? What is your dream vacation? How long have you had a beard, and what made you start growing one? Do you have beard questions? Anything you want to know about us?

We hope you find yourself feeling apart of our family. With the holidays quickly approaching we end on this note, Merry everything and our wish is for Happiness to find its way to you.

Until next time.

Krystle + Eric