Let's set the record straight about beards and beard products.

Let's set the record straight about beards and beard products.

Posted by Jeremiah Peace on Mar 5th 2020

Let's set the record straight about beards and beard products.

Some of you may think that beard products (beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, etc.) aren't for you because it isn't masculine to take time to care for your beard. You might think that buying a specially formulated wash or applying oils and balms that moisturize your beard and face aren't the kinds of things a guy with a beard like you should be doing. You're welcome to make that choice, but you should at least be informed about what types of benefits your face and your beard can get from a robust beard cleaning and care regimen. Having a beard doesn't make you too manly to become informed; it gives you reason to become informed about what's best for your beard. Raw American proudly provides you with many reasonably priced beard products made of quite literally THE best ingredients available. Do the math and that makes Raw American THE best quality product on the market. So, once you've decided to do your beard a favor and stop worrying about what people would think if they knew that you took time to groom yourself (seriously, you know at least one of you is reading this thinking that way) search around here on BeardBundle.com and choose the bundle, or individual products, that are right for you!

Some of you out there may have no problem establishing a grooming routine, but you're thinking that your beard isn't long enough to go all in on beard care products. Good news, brother: Raw American beard care products work for you no matter what step of the beard journey you're on. Even if you're just rocking the stubble because you either think it looks sexy or you're just too lazy to shave, Raw American's line of beard oils and beard balms will still provide your skin, and whatever amount of facial hair you have with unbeatable layers of moisture and protection, not to mention leave you smelling better than whatever amount of Axe you're using.

What about you guys that are just in the middle? You've gone past the stubble and you've got some nice, new growth going on...what should you do. You should be getting yourself a bundle sooner rather than later. Whether you're planning on growing it forever or finding your beard comfort zone and trimming and maintaining, you should absolutely start taking care of your follicles and the skin beneath it ASAP. Once you have a decent amount of new growth, our beard wash will be a great first step in grooming your beard. Following that up with any of our scented beard oils and beard balms will ensure that the hair on your face and the face under your hair can stay healthy while you get yourself to bearded perfection. Raw American suggests washing your beard, applying beard oil and then waiting between five to ten minutes before applying one of our beard balms. This provides maximum protection for your growing beard.

You got some stubble going? We got you covered. Been rocking the same goatee since 1993? We got you covered. Do you have a beard that would bring Ragnar Lothbrok to his knees, crying tears of sweet, Viking joy? We got you covered! Bottom line is men, Beard Bundle and Raw American have you covered. Get into a grooming routine. Take care of your face and your beard and the results will speak for themselves.

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Jeremiah Peace