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Today let’s talk about Beard Balm. Assuming you read our post about Beard Oil, if you haven’t, I suggest you do, you will have a wealth of new found knowledge; I am going to be continuing from where we left off.

We know that the beard oil can do wonders for us from our skin to fixing issues we may have. Beard balm, like beard oil is moisturizing. Unlike the oil, it is not as much as a fixer-upper for skin (even though it can fix issues as well); it will intensely moisturize your hair. Balm acts as a leave in conditioner, combining oils and a wax usually. When I told you about beard oil, we talked about how elements can leach the natural oils of the hair. These oils are a barrier or protection for each hair strand. When moisture is removed we need to rehydrate and replenish the moisture lost, combat frizz and fly-a-ways. Since the face does not have as much oil production as with the hair on top of your head, we use product to imitate those natural oils. Using a Beard Balm will help reverse the effects of all these elements we are exposed to daily. If you really want to hold down those fly-a-way hairs you would want some beard pomade, but we won’t get into that today.

Beard Balms provide the moisture your beard needs without having alcohols that can leave you beard brittle or causing breakage. Like the beard oil, the oils chosen for Beard Balms all have a different job. These jobs include, hydrating, antioxidants, antibacterial, strength, softening, and shine. Beard Balm does all of this to keep your skin and beard well hydrated and well maintained. It will provide a mild hold for your hair by laying straighter for mid length growth, for shorter growth it will provide you a nice soft, touchable beard that will lie perfectly.

When should I use beard balm?

When to use is a personal preference. You may apply Beard Balm after you get out of the shower and towel dry, by just lightly squeezing the water out of your beard. You can also apply oil first and then follow with the balm. We highly suggest layering oil with a balm for maximum benefits, and to achieve a great looking beard.

Will my beard be greasy?

While the oils in the beard balm are very moisturizing, you should not be left feeling greasy. Most balms are created with weightless oils providing you with the natural feel of a beard. Beard Balm will add life to your beard, providing you with a shine, so you will not be left with a dull, lifeless beard.

How much beard balm do I need to put in? How do I use it?

For a mid-length beard you should only use about a dime size amount. The longer the beard you may need to add more. A shorter beard you may want to start with a pea size and see if that will provide you with enough balm for full coverage. To use Beard Balm, you will use your thumb nail and scrape across the balm and then place it into your palms. Warm the balm in your hands by rubbing the balm in your palm until it liquefies. Once it has liquefied you will then massage into your beard and shape, then comb or brush it to perfection.

Hope I have answered any questions you may have. If not feel free to contact us with your questions and we will provide you with an answer to the best of our abilities. Have a spectacular day and share your knowledge.

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