Grapeseed Oil and Why it's Good For Your Beard

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   If you decided to get on your Google machine and investigate grapeseed oil, you'd likely find a number of articles telling you to avoid it. "It's full of polyunsaturated fats!" "It's bad for your cholesterol!!" "It causes thyroid disorders!!!" "It makes you fat!!!!" Good thing you guys are putting it in your beards and not cooking your meals with it.


See, while the use of grapeseed oil as a cooking oil is surrounded by controversy (both the scientifically accurate and Facebook-headline-readers accurate), there's really no controversy surrounding its incredible properties for strengthening, conditioning, moisturizing and even regrowing hair.



Grapseed oil is what you think it is. You've all had the unpleasant misfortune of biting into what you believed to be a seedless grape only to bust your molars on some seeds. And nobody likes that. But if you take those same seeds, cold-press them and relieve them of the bounty of oil hiding inside them, you have unleashed a powerhouse of beta-carotene, vitamins and anti-oxidants that are, anecdotally, changing the beard game. 


Within days of applying our beard oils to your beard (and taking the time to make sure you're massaging it through the entire beard and down into your skin), you'll find your beard hair to be less brittle, softer and shinier. In short, you've done yourself, and your beard, a solid.


So what have you done to make your beard feel and look better? Well, you've soaked it in a vitamin E-rich oil, rife with antioxidants and lineolic acids that build tissue and promote hair growth. This is going to return the strength and shine to your beard so that half of it stops breaking off each time you comb it.


Those same antioxidants contain blockers for the hormone known as DHT, the one that caused your hair loss, AND can promote the relaxation of your hair follicles so that stress doesn't kill of the remaining ones.


Like many of the other oils we use in our products, grapeseed oil also helps moisturize your skin, preventing dandruff and flaking that those of you that have had beards without the oils might know all about. 


If that's not enough to convince you, grapeseed oil has long been said to have many anti-aging and anti-acne properties to add to the already impressive list laid out above. Adding just a few drops to your beard only 2-3 times a week can start bringing that beard back from the brink of brittle oblivion. What are you waiting for?


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Content Marketer for Beard Bundle LLC.

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