Sweet Almond Oil and Why it's good for your Beard

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Almonds have long had a lot of positive juju surrounding their health benefits. Full of protein and healthy fats, they've been touted as doing everything from helping you lose weight to helping regulate your blood pressure. People eat them whole, chop them up in protein shakes and even drink them down as almond milk, either because they like the nutty taste or because they're lactose intolerant. The benefits of sweet almonds don't stop there, however. By running those same almonds through the cold pressing process, you get a vitamin-rich oil that has a long standing history as being a great skin care treatment as well as many other health-related benefits. We're here to talk about the benefits to your skin and hair, but if you're seeking it out for the other benefits, make sure it's sweet almond oil before you digest it. Bitter almonds (the other kind that we don't want to use) produce a byproduct known as hydrogen cyanide and that shit will kill you.

Since I'm here to talk about your beard, I'm going to focus on the sweet almond oil that we use in our products and leave the deadly bitter almonds behind. Sweet almond oil is loaded with vitamins A, B, E and K. These vitamins can help revitalize your skin, clean up acne and even help prevent further breakouts. Sweet almond oil is incredibly light and easily absorbed by our skin where it can work to reduce wrinkles and keep our skin cells healthier longer, delaying signs of aging. 


Sweet almond oil's moisturizing properties can also help with skin rashes and irritation. It's been used as a treatment for some dermatological conditions (eczema and psoriasis) so it can definitely help sooth minor rashes or shaving irritation.


While adding this to our blend has helped us keep the skin under your beard in good shape, it's also going to help your beard grow longer and fuller while making it shinier and less brittle. Sweet almond oil is rich in magnesium, a soft metal found in many foods. 


Despite its relative abundance, it's estimated that roughly 67% of the population suffers from one or more symptoms of magnesium deficiency. While there are many (some more serious than others) the one most appropriate to discuss in a beard blog is hair health.


Our magnesium-deficient friends are likely to have dull hair and to suffer from an increased amount of follicle death, causing hair loss. By adding just a few drops of sweet almond oil to our blends, we've given you a product, that when applied regularly, can actually combat these symptoms and, in some cases, promote new hair growth by helping our bodies restore their natural protective oils that encase our hair.


Additionally, if you're having a hard time growing your beard because the hairs are brittle and break off easily while you comb it, sweet almond oil has your back. When used regularly in small doses, it helps restore the strength of each individual hair, allowing you to grow your beard to whatever length you choose.


You're probably starting to see a patter here with the oils we choose to put in our products and that's good. We are choosing products with a long history of making hair stronger and healthier and that also have myriad other benefits. If you made a list, sweet almond oil would be near the top. If you are having problems with brittle beard hairs, you'll be amazed at how quickly our products can help begin the repair process. Check our products for a scent and package that's right for you and begin to enjoy the many benefits of our sweet almond and other oils! Oh and stay away from those bitter almonds...just a handful of them or a few drops of oil will kill you and any hope of a handsome beard.

Jeremiah Peace

Content Marketer for Beard Bundle LLC.

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