What's In Beard Oil??

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Essential oils are every Pinterest mom's best friend these days but if you have a beard, carrier oils are your best friend. Prized for their ability to dilute essential oils (which are the oils that make our products smell so damn good), carrier oils are used to literally carry the essentials into your beard and skin.  It's simple...if you're throwing some of our Great Escape beard oil in your beard and you want to experience the full benefits of the Sandalwood oil we use, you need carrier oils like argan, jojoba, grapeseed and apricot kernel to do the trick.


This partnership of carrier and essential oils allows for a beard that doesn't look scraggly, feel too slimy and, most importantly, will grow fuller and better. Extracted from their sources much in the way you've likely seen olive oil made, these oils are then combined to form our beard wash,beard oils, beard balms and beard pomades. 


The essential oils that you've heard so much about have so may wonderful properties but are also highly saturated with those properties. For instance, one pound of the lavender oil found in our Lodge scent required 150 pounds of lavender flowers to be processed. That amount of power in an oil can be potentially damaging to our skin, so in order to make them safe, they are diluted with carrier oils which nicely blend with them and keep the essential oils (which are made up of super tiny molecules) from being absorbed into our blood stream and potentially causing some issues.


In addition to helping dilute the essential oils we use in our products, carrier oils have many other beneficial properties of their own. In general, they often contain minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients that can assist in general health. Some contain anti-oxidant properties which can help fight cancer. And finally, as true oils, they contain many of the essential fatty acids we often lack in our diet that can help maintain healthy skin.


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Of course there's some science behind which carriers work best to help deliver the maximal effects of the essential oils, and we've taken the time to do the work and research necessary to deliver the best possible combination of products to you. Over the next several weeks, we will be going in depth which each of the carrier oils we use to help explain to you why we chose to combine them how we did and what they're doing for your beard, your skin and even your mental well-being! Be on the lookout for the breakdown and, in the meantime, feel free to do some reading of your own on how these oils can combine for better general health!


Until then, stay bearded my friends!

Jeremiah Peace

Content Marketer For Beard Bundle LLC.

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