Why Do We Use Argan Oil in Our Products?

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That's one hell of a picture. It isn't photoshopped. It isn't a joke. Those are goats. They are in trees. For hundreds of years, those tree goats held the secret to one of the most precious carrier oils we use: argan. The argan tree produces a nut in a fairly hard shell. The goats love them so much that, over time, they learned to climb the trees to get to them. The nut has a lot of pulp around it and these goats love the pulp so much, that they eat the entire thing despite the fact they can't digest it all. So down it goes into their stomachs and out the back end. For centuries, locals have then picked through the goat poop to get the precious nuts and process them to make argan oil.


1.7 ounces of pure argan oil can sell for around $50, making it quite a pricey product. One of the reasons for the high price is that the trees from which the fruit is picked, pressed and processed into oil are native to Morocco, a country which has long valued to precious fruit for its medicinal and culinary uses. Now the rest of the world is on the secret and the Moroccon economy, which is netting roughly $6.5 million annually by exporting the oils, is booming.


It's become such a big industry that they've cut out the middle man and begun mass producing the oils for export. So why do we use argan oil as a carrier oil in our products? Great question...here are some answers.


Conditions Beard Hair


This bit is probably pretty important if you're reading about products on a beard blog. Argan oil is key as an oil in our products because it will help your beard look shinier, feel softer and become less brittle. A common issue with bearded dudes is that small pieces of the beard hairs break off, causing your beard growth gains to suffer. A little of argan oil can help fix that right up.


Skin moisturization


Not everything is JUST about the beard. The oil is fast absorbing and doesn't leave your feeling slimy. By itself it makes a great moisturizer for your skin but in concert with our other products, you're building a layer of defense against the weather and wrinkles. It's also an excellent source of E and A vitamins, meaning it can help repair damaged skin and even help treat skin conditions.


It Actually Makes Your Face LESS Oily


Science says that argan oil can reduce your face's natural production of sebum. Sebum is the oil your face naturally produces and an excess of it can lead to an oily face and acne. Argan can help reduce acne breakouts and it's incredible anti-oxidant properties can actually help remove acne scars by removing damaged tissue so new cells can grow in place.


Razor Burn


I don't know about you, but one reason I have a beard is because I hate shaving. One reason I hate shaving is that my neck looks like ran a cheese grater over it instead of a razor. Argan oil is rich in plant-based chemicals called polyphenols which can help reduce the irritation due to razor burn. Those same polyphenols, by the way, help defend against UV rays and are thought to play a role in slowing cancer by stopping the growth of new cells! 

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