Propaganda Beard Co. Skynet (Limited Edition)- Signature Beard Balm, 2oz.

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Skynet (Limited Edition)- Signature Beard Balm, 2oz.
The system is now self aware and the machines won't stop coming. The only thing left is the memories of Kentucky Bourbon, Sweet Vanilla, and Smoky Tobacco. Remember, you are the resistance...
Just like a lot of fine things in life, it takes time to make Skynet. We steep real Vanilla Beans in our oil blend for 15 days to allow the Vanilla to Naturally infuse the oils.
Hand Crafted In Missouri, USA.
Ingredients: Shea Butter(Organic), Cocoa Butter (Organic), Coconut Oil (Organic), Bee's Wax (Organic), Jojoba (Organic), Argan (Organic), Sweet Almond (Organic), Pumpkin (Organic), Grapeseed (Organic), Castor (Organic), Avena Sativa (Organic), Glycerin (Organic), Essential Oil and Fragrance Blend (Naturally Derived), Lanolin (Organic), Vitamin E.