Bundle Packages

The Minimalist Bundle

Just a modest amount of the right beard styling products in this bundle. Just enough to keep your beard feeling good, looking good. You can expect to receive the basic essentials of beard and mustache oils, balms, or soaps in the minimalist. You will have what you need to begin the beard grooming process. And at Beard Bundle, we feature different companies monthly, so keep perusing every month!Beard styling starts with our minimal package

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Minimalist - 3 month subscription

The Lumbersexual Bundle

Whether stubble or beard you can be sure to be prepared with this bundle full of great beard and mustache styling products. To get you familiar with products available for your beard you can expect to get a variety of samples in the Lumber Sexual. Beard Bundle offers items from different forms of soap, oils, balms to pomades from the best beard and mustache styling companies. Our line changes month by month, so you can always come back for more beard and mustache products!The Lumbersexual bundle brings your beard and mustache styling to new levels

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Lumbersexual - 3 month subscription

The Majestic Bundle

Everything a bearded man needs. The possibilities are endless with this beard and mustache bundle, chalk-full of majestic products. From a bar soap to beard pomades. Samples to full sizes. The Majestic will provide you with a beard that will be exceptional. You can expect amazing products from a variety of different brands. Cover the basic essentials of beard and mustache styling; and conquer the finishing touches. Your beard will be starting its own fan club when your done. That is what makes this beard bundle so majestic.Beard Bundle's Majestic line of beard styling products is the tops!

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Majestic - 3 month subscription