How Beard Bundle Works

Beard Bundle Subscriptions

How it works.

When you subscribe to any of our Beard Bundles you are signing up to receive reoccurring bundles of Beard Grooming products filled with a variety of products sent to your doorstep every month. Beard Bundles will never have the exact same product twice; we want you to experience different brands.

No two products are made the same so I am searching for unique companies that have a great product so I can get samples to full size products to you. Although some companies offer different products you may see their brand more than once, but not the product. I want to help you discover hidden gems in the Beard Grooming Industry that are beyond high end retailers. To help you with the frustration that goes along with growing a beard so you can achieve a strong, healthy beard. Let me help you to experience the wonders of beard products and how they will make your life easier, so you to can be proud of the beard you have grown to be so majestic.

We all have our doubts when the bearding begins. The annoying itch and picky hairs, the dry skin, the patches that just don’t want to grow as fast, then once past that, there is the Weird Beard state of I look a mess, maybe I should just give up and shave it. But you have spent all that time and fought past the toughest part of the bearding process…push on my fellow Beardsmen. I found that the secret is in the products.  Beard soaps have gently cleansed my skin without drying it out leaving my skin feeling clean but also moisturized.  Beard oils softened my beard at all stages making the hairs drastically less picky feeling, helping me with ingrown hair through the beginning stages. Beard oils layered with beard balms have helped my beard hairs from falling out so much due to being brittle and helped strengthen and moisturize my beard making it soft, touchable,and not just feeling but looking healthy. Beard balm creates a little hold with the wild strays and adds intense moisture. Pomades and Mustache wax helps to create a hold for my shape all day long.  All these are the tools you need to help you through the bearding process whether you want to achieve or have a short beard or a long beard, Beard Bundle is the perfect stop and has it bundled for you.